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  • This instance is intended primarily for engineering professionals wishing to collaborate and keep in touch
  • Users must use their real names
  • Discussions about politics and the state of the world are not permitted. If you want that, go to Twitter
  • Don't be a jerk
  • Respect others and if you have a disagreement, keep it in direct messages, not in public
  • Please keep bad memes, sexism, racism or any politically incorrect commentary out of the public timeline
  • No hate speech will be tolerated
  • Feel free to use the "unlisted", "private" or "direct" visibility options when talking between friends
  • Loli, gore and rape is not allowed
  • Don't make parody accounts and don't spam
  • No bots are permitted on this instance

If you see any posts or behaviour that breech these rules then please report them (in the Toot Menu) or directly to the administrator @chidgey. All reports will be investigated, and if investigation determines you didn't respect the restrictions, you might get suspended. NSFW (Not Safe For Work) is allowed if you put it behind both NSFW and CW tags (below the Toot/Message text box).