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My sister called me a “Tech Hippy” for running my own Mastodon Instance.

Best line ever: “...I don’t think Siri speaks Redneck...” geez I love @ronnielutes

For those that are interested what’s been going on in my work life outside of podcasting over the past six months:

Facebook just kicked its affected users figure for Cambridge Analytica up from 50 million to 87 million.

So it turns out that on a Mac, you can use the Audio MIDI Setup utility program to change the input/output configuration. Once you've done that, you can select Device Inputs 1..6 as necessary and record everything all at once. Not documented many places mind you, but I suppose that's probably one of those pro tips that most podcasters with x2 In / x2 Out standard USB interfaces wouldn't come across.

Okay so Ready Player One was freaking awesome ❤️❤️❤️

About to head in to watch Ready Player One with the family ❤️

The server is holding up really well on the latest episode drop. Caching made a huge difference. Annoyed I didn't tweak that all the way down long ago.

It's been a busy morning. Finally fixed a couple of odd issues with the Auto Poster. Now sorted.

The latest episode of Pragmatic is now live for Patrons. Early Access FTW

My favorite weird language thing still has got to be that we Germans call a mobile phone "Handy" for some reason

Done. Just over 8 pages this time. About 10 hours in total prep time.

Righto. 4 Pages in to the notes for the following episode. 4 hours expended in total thus far. Need to stop and make dinner soon. Actually it feels really good because I've got a lot to say about this...

10 Pages, 15 hours of preparation. Now on to the next episode. Finally!!!

Hour number 10 on the show notes for the next Pragmatic. Needs more work...

After truly cracking the project back open last night, some thoughts on what I’d like for #Amaroq :
• total redesign around lists and break up the mother of all storyboards bringing my laptop to its knees

• refactor how localizable strings are stored because while translating it is possible it’s still a PITA

• figure out a better solution for custom emojos than using image attachments in attributed strings

From the next Pragmatic show notes...chiselling away at them right now...

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