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For all of the people here that disagree with Elon’s comments and use public transport, once you’ve been assaulted a few times on public transport, you’ll understand what he’s getting at. Is Elon Musk An Elitist Jerk? | CleanTechnica - Also: “No” is the correct answer.

idk mastodon's been working p. well for more than a year at this point (shrugs)

These Christmas holidays I’ll be trying pour-over coffee (finally) with a Hario V60. Refusing to get a gooseneck pourer initially. Macro vs Micro turbulence of grounds due to different pour rates seems more like Friday the 13th.

So I just met a barrista with the chemical bond drawing of caffeine tattooed on her.

My last day in Melbourne today! Looking forward to going home but I’ll miss the coffee ☕️

It’s also not lost on my that I only just read that, about a month after he posted it!

Seth was wonderful to talk to when he came on Pragmatic and I really enjoy what he contributes(ed) to the internet. That said I feel much the same way as him. The people that have access to the internet have changed, and that means that parts of it have changed along with that. Ultimately though if you’re not getting much out of it, then take a break. A looong break. Because it actually IS about you. Not everyone else. Thanks Seth cc/ @sethclifford

Well it’s been an interesting day. I’m amazed in Melbourne how many people still smoke, and also when I’m out and about at 10pm how many people are still just starting dinner! Southbank and the Yarra is so busy it’s just packed!

If you are an Enthusiast-level Patron (or above) at you’d be listening to the latest Causality right now.

People say: “John you’re a glass half empty kinda guy”
Me? I’m a glass is missing kind of guy. Like: If you HAD a glass, LOOK AT ALL THE LIQUID YOU COULD HAVE CONTAINED!

Survey: How did we do?
Me: Shit. Like every other time I can remember.

You know you’re bored when a Telstra survey in your Inbox looks appealing...

No one does Nostalgia like Facebook. Which is yet another reason I hate Facebook. If I’m going full nostalgic, I’m doing it when I’m in the nostalgia zone, not when Facebook tells me to. 😡😒🙄🤔

Facebook: Recycling nostalgia to keep the feeds moving along...

Analytical topics: Goals, Confpetance, Give Them What They Want, Jerks, Teachers, Advancement, Winning, Authority, Focus, Honesty, Inspiration, Better, Perfect, Constraints, Downtime, Perspective, Time, Meetings, Effort, Music, Rugs. A pretty varied list of stuff right there.

Be warned: Analytical is meant to be a generic catch-all of my brain, for things that just don’t fit in Causality and Pragmatic. Because of that sometimes you’ll get it, other times you’ll wonder what the heck I obsess about. Oh well. Apparently a lot of people like it based on the DL numbers so I’ll keep making it ❤️

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