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John Chidgey @chidgey

You know you’re bored when a Telstra survey in your Inbox looks appealing...

No one does Nostalgia like Facebook. Which is yet another reason I hate Facebook. If I’m going full nostalgic, I’m doing it when I’m in the nostalgia zone, not when Facebook tells me to. 😡😒🙄🤔

Facebook: Recycling nostalgia to keep the feeds moving along...

Analytical topics: Goals, Confpetance, Give Them What They Want, Jerks, Teachers, Advancement, Winning, Authority, Focus, Honesty, Inspiration, Better, Perfect, Constraints, Downtime, Perspective, Time, Meetings, Effort, Music, Rugs. A pretty varied list of stuff right there.

Be warned: Analytical is meant to be a generic catch-all of my brain, for things that just don’t fit in Causality and Pragmatic. Because of that sometimes you’ll get it, other times you’ll wonder what the heck I obsess about. Oh well. Apparently a lot of people like it based on the DL numbers so I’ll keep making it ❤️

I did the rough cut of three episodes on the flight down👍🏻

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@aparrish The more I think about Mastodon, as a project, as a social network, the more I think it challenges the definition of success. Everyone, especially detractors, are quick to call it a failure or a nice try. While our daily activities here tend to show us the opposite. What is a successful social network that does not play the rules of close VC funded ones?

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If you just looked at my recent toots you'd think I spend all my time sitting in airports.

You would be correct.

I finally see the truth: there was no before time, there is no space outside the airports, those are lies told by the devil. There is only airports. There has only ever been airports.

Good Morning = When it’s morning where you are
Good Evening = When it’s evening where you are
Good Morneven = When you’re on a Skype call and some are in the Morning and some are in the Evening...

It is so frustrating to be stuck in a market that doesn’t support electric vehicles. Manufacturers just aren’t bringing them into the country due to lack of infrastructure and lack of incentives. Our choices for new EVs are: BMW, Tesla. That’s it. You still can’t buy a Leaf new, let alone an Ioniq or a Zoe. Ugh.

Everyone is a hypocrite about something at some point. The trick seems to be keeping as clear a moral compass as you can, and hope your hypocrisy it about something trivial and harmless.

I fixed a bunch on minor backend issues on both Engineered.Network and a few weeks ago and the results are in: performance under high web traffic load has been dramatically improved with non-responses down to practically none. Three events in four weeks, all less than 60 seconds each. Still room for improvement though.

Well copying across 8Tb of data from flaky HDDs is slow, painful and annoying. Then, it's uploading to Backblaze before I can relax again... #Sigh

Finally got a genuine Stainless Steel Link Bracelet! My knockoff band broke some time ago and picked this one up second hand on GumTree. It’s in really good condition and is much more comfortable

Notes are nearly done on the next Causality. Recording tomorrow...