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John Chidgey @chidgey

I have to say that Tootdon on the iPad is pretty good. Renders Mastodon really nicely 👌🏻

Trying out some different Mastodon Clients. Because why not?

Updating all of the things madly before I head into work!!!

Off to kill some Lynels now...need guts #botw

OMG thankfully just collected my final Star Fragment #botw

Looking for an app that runs standalone on the Apple Watch for countdowns. Needs to be able to create the countdown on the Watch. Any suggestions?

Fundamentally not possible to modify Reminders on Apple Watch yet. Not even via Siri. Alas.

Short-sighted people are easily excited. Detail oriented people are typically skeptical.

I enjoy catching up with Vic and Clay to talk tech and geek stuff. A bunch of personal situations, hurricanes and such got between us all and releasing this sooner. Vic and I had a vigorous discussion about wireless charging in the future that’s worthy of a listen for sure. If you haven’t tried the show yet, maybe you should!

Is anyone tracking Apps that run independently on a S3 LTE Watch? If not, I’m thinking about starting a list.