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Some people I work with have visited China and told me all about their air pollution problems and how much isn’t well reported on. The most recent episode of Causality was inspired by this. Seems like we, human beings, are pretty stupid.

Just been so busy at work lately and prepping for the family holiday is just taking so much time. Today is spend money day! (YAY) Should be a fun day

Hopefully will get some time to watch this weeks Apple Keynote this afternoon. I downloaded the HD version when it went up on the Podcasts app on my ipad, but it only played audio! So i tried the 1080p version and it works...

Using my new iPad Pro 2nd Gen. Also have the Smart Keyboard cover, but Apple have improved the key mechanism from the first generation IMHO, so it’s not too bad. Still fast to double-touch type but much lighter to carry than the Logitech case.

Just upgraded my Apple iCloud Drive storage to 2Tb plan and consolidated all of the families storage onto the same plan.

A bit annoyed but my trusty Logitech 30-pin Dock speakers finally bit the technological dust. I worked out I’ve had them since 2009 and they’ve been dropped, had water spilled on them and survived a power surge that took out some other gear on the same power board. Alas, it’s time for some new monitors for my desk. I’m considering getting proper studio monitors this time though (for editing) rather than continuing to use my headphones for podcast editing. We’ll see.

If you were a Patron of TEN you’d be listening to a new episode of Analytical right now, Ad-Free...

Finally. Three episodes in the can. Off to bed now, editing and posting the first tomorrow👍🏻

It's been a rough and hectic August, but I'm looking forward to releasing new episodes this week.

Would an artificial super intelligence see a point in its own existence? Also, if an ASI built its own superior ASI Mk2, would they fight over resources? Hmmm

Well thanks to the Tesla show guys, I'm now freaked out by the Artificial Super-Intelligence. Goodie.

the year is 2040, mastodon is now the os with the world's largest userbase

"HOW DID THIS HAPPEN", says Gargron, who just wanted to make a nice decentralized microblogging network

Have a long list of Analyticals and then it’s on to Pragmatic.

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