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John Chidgey @chidgey

Speed. I am speed. I am lightning... #JohnHasNBN

Link needs a new pair of Ancient Cores...

You're about to roast some marshmallows and wonder if you have any flint left in your inventory #SignsYouvePlayedTooMuchZelda

You see some boulders blocking a walking trail entry and reach for a Boulder Breaker #SignsYouvePlayedTooMuchZelda

You pass by a cell tower and feel the urge to climb it #SignsYouvePlayedTooMuchZelda

Try the new Coke "i" It's got imaginary calories instead of sugar.

@myers Set up on a Linode VPS running Centos 7

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Thank you mastodon for being open source. For not having annoying tracking, or advertising. Thank you Ostatus and GNUsocial for providing an open protocol and bootstrapping a network around it. Thank you other software in the federation for doing what you do. And the people behind it all: thank you for being you.

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If you are a young engineer and you're wondering why your profs make you document all your assumptions on your homework, it's because it is a valuable life skill.

I am looking at a spreadsheet full of numbers and nobody can remember where they came from, and nobody bothered to document their sources or assumptions. So very likely we'll end up doing it all over again.

It's not enough to get the right answer, you have to explain how you got it if you expect anyone to believe you.


All episodes on The Engineered Network have now been updated to MP3 format: #engineered_net

Converting in the field and running the iPad Pro down to flat...