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I just felt the power of the #fediverse, and I was pleased when I figured out what I'd just seen: a podcast that was uploaded to a #peertube instance with a #hashtag I follow showed up in #mastodon. Awesome!

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My "Reclaiming RSS" post now has a French translation thanks to the lovely folks at @Framasoft

French (HTTPS):

English (DAT): dat://

English (HTTPS):

HT @goofy

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"I think most angry tweets would benefit from the sender waiting 24 hours, or even five minutes, before sending. It might also be possible to understand that when we accuse others of acting tribally, we overlook the fact that we are all, inescapably, tribal creatures ourselves."

I love Whalebird for the Mac:
“I have developed a Mastodon client for Mac, Windows, and Linux”

Just upgraded my instance to v2.4.3 of Mastodon. Finally able to set granular filters to mute keywords at the server level. It's catching up to Twitter...and it's awesome ❤️

For the record, having your ring fingernail partly crushed by a 60kg concrete block is about as much fun as it sounds...

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@n Personal recommendations are the best way to find quality content. If you think about the 'old web' (pre auto-algorithm/social), that is how all content was really discovered. People linked to stuff and recommended stuff and word-of-mouthed stuff. The problem is we removed the people from the discovery/dissemination process and have gotten lazy with asking for and sharing good sources (and not just good articles).

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Mastodon is nice because even if you're just some random nobody on here, you're still given an equal and fair spot on the public timelines that everyone sees.

There's no weird, biased algorithm determining whether you deserve to meet new people or should just stay lonely forever because the algorithm says so.

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honestly it’s time we accepted the fact that any large enough company on the internet is tracking us. it’s inevitable once a company passes a certain threshold. we need to stop getting surprised that companies are tracking us, and just be constantly furious that they’re tracking us. they have no right to invade our privacy, but we have every right to do everything in our power to prevent their tracking and push back against it.

Whether a dictator is benevolent or not, in a product sense, it doesn't matter much if the directions taken anger those that use it. Also, consider that the more complex the product, the more popular the product, the more use cases will it be applied to and hence, the more voices of anger when changes are made. This is also inevitable and has little to do with the governing body/dictator.

Simplistically all products start with one idea, from one person, then others contribute, it grows and evolves into something more. At some point in that products existance it diverges in ways some people that enjoy using it disagree with. If it's diverging due to one "dictator" then that's easier to get angry about, then if it's due to a group of faceless few, or many, to spread the anger between. Even then, if there's a figurehead, anger gets focussed on them. It' not as simple as it seems.

Love this: "the Benevolent Dictator For Life (BDFL) operational model"

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During today's @forktogether meeting we elected a team of four people (me, @Laurelai @e and @hoodie ) to head the work on the bylaws, since very little had gone done with the previous method of disorganized volunteerism but we're still taking suggestions from members of the provisional #forktogether organization (anyone who's attended a meeting, done work on the wiki, or helped in the discord work groups)

You can read the current draft of the bylaws here:

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Dear fellow devs,

When you invest in a surveillance capitalist like Twitter & help them build their platform by making apps for them, using their APIs, etc., know that they’ll have your back. And by that I mean they’ll throw you under the bus the first chance they get.

We’ve all made the mistake at one time (heck, I made both a Twitter & Facebook app using their APIs and thought I was helping build the “open web” ‘cos I trusted Tim O’Reilly).

Just avoid it next time.

The latest episode of Causality was a marathon, equal longest episode of the show thus far (tied with BP Texas) with 10 pages of Show Notes! For the largest nuclear incident in history, it's probably no surprise. Patrons get early access, everyone else it will be up shortly.