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So Mastdon has about 1.2 million users: Maybe there's something to it?

Honestly, it would be kind of cool if The Federation site rebranded as, and we could just move on and say pretty much everything was in the fediverse.

Right now, it's too convoluted. The lack of movement on Diaspora's side regarding protocol adoption has not been a great experience.

Using NextCloud to sync Pages and Numbers Documents feels like cheating on iCloud Drive. But it works, so long as you don't want web-based editing. (PS: I don't)

I do love Things by Cultured Code, and have done for years. But Things 3 for MacOS costs $80AUD and that's a lot of money. I've bought it for the iPad and iPhone and as much as I'd like the convenience of having it on my Mac again (I used to have Things 2 for Mac) I just can't justify spending THAT amount of money for a ToDo app in one more place. It's a shame, but I guess I'll just hope for a sale at some point.

Personally, I think that's one hell of a bird...

Today's the day!
RT 27 PR's in "to review" state, feature freeze tomorrow - you can help get these into Nextcloud 14!

Verdict: Season Two of Westworld is, in its entirety, fucking incredible.

So many questions were posed and explored, and whole new layers and dimensions revealed themselves in addition to the original story. They extended the science fiction aspect of it to explore some extremely potent themes featuring posthumanism and the nature of reality.

It has occurred to me that to become an expert on something, all you really have to do is live with it.

People at work sometimes ask me how I have so many random tips on tiny edge cases of this or that. It's because I use this stuff every day. I don't go home to Windows or Mac. I live and work on Linux, using open source tools. You get really familiar with these things after 365*N days of use.


When will people realise that the huge data collection by Google, Facebook, Dropbox, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon is a really bad idea? #nextcloud

Courtesy of @SwitchingSocial: #GoogleDrive lets Google read & copy your files, pass them to anyone else, make derivative works, even publish them online! 😟 Just read the terms you agreed to...
Time for #selfhosting #nextcloud #Privacy #DeleteGoogle #nextcloud

One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them, One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.

Wow the number of packages no longer available for Centos 6 / EL6 is staggering. Message is: Use a VPS that runs RHEL7 πŸ˜’

Playing with Hugo static site generator... OMFG this is cool ;)

This setup (Tablet + Bluetooth keyboard) has recently replaced my #laptop for many purposes. The advantage: it's silent.

Completely agree with @scottaw on this one: Bad metrics

β€œIn the 90’s and early 2000’s, Apple fans used to overwhelmingly reject the idea that marketshare was an indicator of product quality.”

Just found #PeerTube and #Mastodon and am very happy with that! :) It seems that finally the Internet is being reclaimed to what it originally was. Thanks and hope it becomes a success!

Putting the final touches on Chernobyl episode. Good. God. It’s depressing research let me tell you πŸ˜”

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