Launching a pair of major features after lunch. May or may not be what you’re expecting, but I think it will be really exciting for and help focus on our mission. Look forward to your feedback and bug reports so we can keep making this platform better.

@scottaw For the moment it's staying. I really hoped that Pleroma was further along but it just isn't. The migration I want to do should be possible, but there's no-one crazy enough to pull it off yet. So I'm moving to @chidgey and leaving this one intact, but I won't be upgrading it or messing with it in any way. So you're fine to keep using it. Besides me, to be honest, you're the only one that is!

Hi everyone! Just a heads up that I've decided to shift to @chidgey because Pleroma is more peformant (blog post coming) so if you'd like to keep following me, please do so over there. Apologies for the new EMail address. If I could get away with another way I would have. Alas. Thanks!

Trying out PixelFed now it's open. Have to say, it looks REALLY nice and I finally have a place to post nice photography that ISN'T owned by Farcebook... My first post:

@kaniini Yes they are. So far I've connect Tootdon, Toot! and Mast successfully. Which should be the same process. Hmm. I'll jump on IRC at some point. Thanks for your time :)

@kaniini I'm trying to move by Feed2Toot and MastodonToTwitter API posters to Pleroma, but my OAUTH authentication isn't finishing. I've tried their Python wrappers and now trying a shell script on my Mac terminal and it's failing at an OAUTH loop in the browser, making me suspect it's an NGINX conf problem. Any pointers?

@shadow8t4 That's cool - just checking. Not sure if you know any other places I could ask Pleroma specific questions like that?

@shadow8t4 With your old Pleroma instance, did you ever get OAUTH tokens working for third-party API calls/bots? Having trouble generating tokens via the Mastodon OAUTH API

Now that Pleroma is running properly, using it with Toot! Is frankly AMAZING! It’s much faster/more responsive than Mastodon. I’ll put an article together about it at some point.

Currently installing a Pleroma instance. Because...why not?

@chidgey This is the future. Imagine that you can finally choose your Social Networking tools you like the most, but they can be used for ANY social platform you like. Programmers should be on this like butter on bread. Or Toast. Well, after you've toasted it and if it melts too much then...never mind.

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