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I rage-quit Twitter at the end of November in 2016. As someone who has worked in online communities for close to 20 years, I couldn’t stand being a member of a community where the people in charge cared so very little for their users. We worked very hard at Flickr to make sure that people were safe. Your company isn’t the government and you can delete any account at any time for any reason. If you create a community, it’s your jobs to ensure that it’s safe for all.

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Instance that doesn't list who their admin is (like, a person not a logo that makes posts)? Skip it.

Instance that has over 30,000 users? Probably not a cohesive community.

Instance with open sign-ups? You better pray they have a 24 hour on-call mod system.

Instance that doesn't block shitty instances? Have fun with that.

If you aren't vulnerable to abuse, then none of this matters. But if you want something better than Twitter or FB or whatever, you need to do a bit of work.

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ADN Finder Update:

* Support for Mastodon!
* Improved search (enter your favorite Mastodon instance URL to see a list of users)
* Wider layout

If you've already listed your account, ping me with your Mastodon user name, and I'll add it to your profile.

Speaking of, playing with Hugo now. Setting up a file-system driven regeneration trigger.

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Finally... another Pocket Sized Podcast is about to be recorded.

@saper I’ve seen estimates of 15-20% additional overhead with Pair Programming. Seems expensive to me.

@scottaw There’s a readability limit below which is becomes grunting...

@saper I think that it can work provided there is good rapport between the pair. The problem though is in my experience that is rarely the case unless there is a prior relationship of trust and respect that’s been previously built. It’s an interesting idea though.

Serious question: has anyone actually found a functional "pair" when Pair Programming? In my experience it's never worked out.

@mike LOL. I remember being in Melbourne last year and it was 15 degrees hotter than Brisbane. Crazy

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"Mastodon won't succeed unless-"

Sh.. Mastodon already succeeded.

2C (36F) this morning...for Brisbane that’s pretty cold ❄️

Wish that Micro.Blog supported something like so I could read federated posts from IndieWeb on Mastodon 😔

@ahuster Ones that aren’t self-serving?
The Committed
The Tesla Show

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@aral The software called Mastodon is protected from EEE (Embrace, Extend, Extinguish) abuse by the AGPLv3 license. Any changes made to Mastodon must follow the same license and must be made public.

ActivityPub OTOH, is susceptible to the EEE strategy. First some MegaCorpX will make an ActivityPub-based social network and gather a lot of users. Then they will add more features than there are in the spec. The third step is to stop federating with other ActivityPub instances.

e.g. Slack vs. IRC

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There's no such thing as "techies" and "non-techies."

There's "people who are willing to do for themselves" and "those who want others to do things for them, they way they want them done, and when they want them done."

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Is there something I should be doing while there's the influx of new people, or is it fine if I just do my thing over here with development

That's the question I always ask myself during a wave and I never know the answer

@triptych That will improve with time 👍🏻