Launching a pair of major features after lunch. May or may not be what you’re expecting, but I think it will be really exciting for and help focus on our mission. Look forward to your feedback and bug reports so we can keep making this platform better.

Hi everyone! Just a heads up that I've decided to shift to @chidgey because Pleroma is more peformant (blog post coming) so if you'd like to keep following me, please do so over there. Apologies for the new EMail address. If I could get away with another way I would have. Alas. Thanks!

Trying out PixelFed now it's open. Have to say, it looks REALLY nice and I finally have a place to post nice photography that ISN'T owned by Farcebook... My first post:
Now that Pleroma is running properly, using it with Toot! Is frankly AMAZING! It’s much faster/more responsive than Mastodon. I’ll put an article together about it at some point.

Currently installing a Pleroma instance. Because...why not?

So I've just created a test user on Pleroma. It's a bit less polished for sure, but it's quicker.

Okay so now my Auto-Tooter on new articles is up and running on all three sites (not just TEN). I've included the most recent three posts on ControlSystem Space since I don't recall if I tooted them originally.

Sorry about spamming my TimeLine with the occasional test Toot. I'm trying to figure out if there's a way to stop Twitter from assuming a Mastodon cross-posted identity is a Twitter identity. I think it's a problem with the cross-poster.

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